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Healthy Starts Here

Practical Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Meet Michelle Magee

Natural Health Specialist
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Michelle of My Family Naturopath is an ATMS accredited Naturopath who practices individualized (patient specific) strategies to reclaim vibrant health.

Michelle, with a heart of compassion will ensure you feel supported and empowered each and every step of the way.  Her desire is "that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers"

My Family Naturopath uses modalities such as 

  • Evidence based Herbal Medicine

  • Nutrition (food as medicine)

  • Lifestyle strategies

Michelle understands that each person is unique.  There is no one size fits all approach.  Michelle recognizes each person has a unique biochemistry, specific dietary needs, particular health history and a distinct set of life experiences that has shaped the respective person they are today.  At My Family Naturopath we work together to formulate an individualized plan and customize solutions to your health and well-being.  We understand life gets busy and therefore offer the flexibility and convenience of home visits and after hours appointments if that suits you better! Let's find a solution together!  Fill in the contact form, call or email and let's get started in a compassionate, supportive, no pressure environment.

Meet Michelle
Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a system and a science of medicine based on the healing power of nature. Naturopathy treats the whole person

(body, mind and soul), not just the symptoms.



The gut is considered, in traditional Naturopathic philosophy, as the seat of all health.  Managing the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is a key step in managing almost all other                        body systems


There are many reasons that you may become fatigued.  Many factors ranging from simple nutritional deficiencies, poor sleep quality through to problems with cellular energy production or an ongoing inappropriate                        response to stress


Optimise liver, gastrointestinal, kidney, lymphatic and cellular elimination pathways.

Restore microbiome health

Women's Health

Get to know your hormones and body better, and learn to listen to what they are telling you about your health.  Developing a relationship with your body in this way can help you better manage your hormones, leading to increased health and                                  wellbeing


Experiencing stress, worry and mood changes are not uncommon.  You are not alone.  discover strategies to promote stress resilience.  Everyone is unique in how they respond to and experience  stress.  Addressing some of the drivers such as inflammation, oxidative stress, gut disturbances, sex hormone and thyroid imbalance, weight management, poor sleep, genetic variants and the likes, can assist in putting you back in the driver's seat to live your best life

Weight Loss

Practitioner Weight Management                           Program

  • Real Food

  • Sustained Results

  • Long Term Wellness

  • Practitioner Advice and                           Support



My Family Naturopath uses modalities such as Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle strategies to formulate an individualized plan and customized solutions to your health and well being. Functional pathology and DNA Profiling is available if required.


Herbs & Supplements

The dispensary carries a large range of herbs to allow for personalised herbal tonics.  These are carefully selected for their attributes to maximise the positive effect of each herb individually and taken together in a mixture.

A small range of supplements is carried in the dispensary, but in most cases a script will be provided and specific supplements can be purchased and shipped directly to your home or chosen address.

Your Place Or Mine

Michelle understands life gets busy and different people have different needs and therefore offers the flexibility and convenience of home visits and after hours appointments in addition to her standard clinic.


Your Health Starts Here

We would love to hear from you to help you reach your goals, together, naturally.

Thanks! Message sent.

Contact Info


0434 597 495

28 Carrywell Cr Toormina NSW 2452


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In seeking the services of a Naturopath I am delighted in meeting Michelle Magee.
Michelle is a knowledgeable, gifted and committed practitioner.
Passionate in what she does, always willing to go the extra mile in achieving the very best outcome for her client.
A careful listener, thorough in her research, honest in her serve delivery towards meeting client needs in the profession of Naturopathy.
Michelle is a person I have complete trust in and recommend fully to anyone seeking the services of a caring and competent Naturopath.


Boyd Pope

Sometimes you find the right person in the right profession,

Michelle Magee is one of those people.
Not only is she knowledgeable and trained in her profession, her very nature and personality is also in sync with her profession.
I went to see Michelle Magee regarding a gut problem I had suffered with for years.
She immediately put me at ease by her listening and caring approach. Michelle explained,

gave me literature on my condition and also went about her expertise in analyzing and personalising for me a way forward.
I followed her direction, put it into practice and here I am today with a well-functioning gut.
Which in turn has improved the functioning of my whole body.
I, without hesitation, would recommend Michelle Magee for treatment in all areas

of her profession.
Michelle is amazing in her field of naturopathic health.
Regards Sandra Guthrie.

Sandra Guthrie

"In the few years I have known Michelle she has supported/treated me for:
Iron deficiency, food intolerance, gut health, boost energy levels, mental health and conception using herbal remedies, natural products as well as guiding me in nutrition.
I highly recommend Michelle as she is a beautiful, caring person who is passionate towards helping you achieve your health goals and feel full of life! 
Yours Sincerely Tiffany Carter 😊" 

Tiffany Carter

Thank you Michelle, for your support and professionalism, that has impacted my life

in such a powerful way.
The dedication you showed  me in caring for and serving me as though I was uniquely important which in turn gave me the courage to move forward.
I can remember feeling so overwhelmed with life as my journey had arrived at what seemed an impossible mountain to climb.
I felt as though my mind body and spirit was crumbling under the load and a part of me thought that at 57 years old I had failed.
You gave me so much support not only in words  but in actions of caring and faithfulness

when I really needed it.
The icing on the cake for me was the health supplements you put together to best suit my needs and budget that gave me the get up and go vitality, to face another day.
I can say without reservation that your care and support brought me to the place I am today some 6 months later, confident, revitalised and full of hope.
I am so blessed to have come to know the mark of your gift in my life and in turn the far reaching hope to my family.
You will always be a part of my journey.
Gratefully Vicki


Vicki Mason

Michelle has been our family naturopath for many years now, treating myself and my daughter.
Her knowledge is amazing!
She is so caring and encouraging and explains things in a way that is easy to understand.


Cristie Richards

My name is Antoniette I am a 63 year old grandmother.
I would highly recommend Michelle as a Naturopath.
I found her to be thorough, a good listener and willing to go the extra mile helping me with my complex health issues.
Michelle has a great depth of knowledge about health.
Her manner is empathetic with a caring spirit.
Michelle’s approach is about wellness, not quick fixes.
I have recommended her to my friends.


Antoniette Hanscamp

Both my husband and I have had the opportunity to utilize My Family Naturopath several times. Each time we found Michelle, to be highly professional and knowledgeable. She developed treatment plans with a holistic approach to the body for us to follow that produced rapid results. We would highly recommend Michelle and her business to anyone seeking a natural health practitioner.

Michal McConnell

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